Vans Park Series 2017, Malmo.

I recently headed out to Malmo to shoot the 2017 Vans Parks Series for Sidewalk and Kingpin. Having nearly missed my flight out of Manchester due to several issues with the M6, things got ultimately better when I met up with Sidewalk Editor Ben Powell in the Airport Bar...

The scale of this event was like nothing I've witnessed; international riders from multiple brands, an insane purpose built bowl park and amazing hospitality by Vans. Oh and the level of skateboarding from a diverse age range was off the charts and a sign of good things to come.

Check out the Sidewalk feature here:

Check out the Kingpin feature here:

Ivan Federico Interview (shot during the event) here:

Roman Pabich backside tailslide

Grant Taylor boneless

Chole Bernard backside slash

Kevin Kowalski backside judo

Daan Van Der Linden frontside crooked grind

Cody Lockwood noseblunt

Josh Young backside smithgrind

Oski Rozenberg no comply tailstall

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