Sidewalk Redux 2.

Having been an online Magazine since mid 2015, Sidewalk has just produced it's second Redux book; a curation of our online issues brought together on the finest print and paper stocks. It feels amazing to have your work distributed to an unfathomable amount of eyes through our online Magazine every month and now the chance to have my work printed to such a high quality for people to savour is truly amazing.

The great thing about the freedom of producing a publication outside of the constraints the traditional news stand is that 'alternative' (to an action shot) can be used with the same level of importance. When I shot this photo of Sox's sodden board, shoes and mud covered chinos whilst in South Wales earlier this year, I had no idea where the image would end up. Finding out that it was going to be used to such an extent was a great surprise and I think it says a lot about skateboarding in the UK during the frustrating winter months.

The book is available to buy here:

Our interview with Sox can be found here:

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