Converse x Sidewalk Magazine Lobster Tales.

In the first few weeks of 2016 Ryan Gray and myself set off on an adventure with the UK Converse team; skate trip in January to a host of iconic seaside towns along the coast lines of England. Freezing cold conditions coupled with intense rain storms didn't slow Mike Arnold, Olly Lock, Dom Henry, Harry Lintell, Matlok Bennett-Jones or Jerome Campbell down one bit.

With photographic duties in my freezing cold hands, the intended end result would be a printed zine packed with photos from the week. It would all be brought together with the illustrative talents of Rob Matheson ( with cover, editorial body and bespoke post card artwork. Ryan was in charge of the videography and he did a stellar job as usual.

Take a look at the edit here:

Check out some flat shots of the zine, postcards and some of the featured photos below.

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