Geoff Rowley, Liverpool.

Landscape Skateboards, Pafos.

Ben Grove, County Donegal.

Daryl Dominguez, Portsmouth.

Wild in the Streets, Manchester.

Mark Baines, Skipton.

Matlok Bennett-Jones, The Highlands.

Jimmy Boyes, Greg Hunt and Geoff Rowley, Liverpool.

Chris Pfanner, Southwalk.

Anthony Van Englen, Liverpool.

Nick Stansfield, Manchester.

Raven Tershy, Wembley.

Scott Whittaker, Worcestershire.

Sam Beckett, San Diego.

Ryan Price, Clevedon.

Josh Young, Aiya Napa.

Daniel Lutheran and Johnny Layton, Camden

Jess Young, Porthcawl.

Jed Cullen and Marc Churchill, Liverpool.

Rick Howard, The Peak District.

Dave Mackey, Flo Mirtain and Mark Baines, Leeds.

Tyrone O'harrahan, Manchester.

Mike Arnold, Sutton on Sea.

Fred Gall, Edinburgh.

Geoff Rowley, Greg Hunt, Dave Mackey and Jimmy Boyes, Liverpool.

Rob Matheson and Jerome Campbell, Preston.

Nick Stansfield, Bristol.

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